My computers, all of them

I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a month now. Every time I start ok but by the time I’m writing about the second computer it spins out of control and it ends up being some sort of autobiography. Today I decided just to share the pictures and limits myself to a brief introduction.

This are all the computer I’ve ever had the chance to play and work with. Most of them were the family computers, the newer ones were personal computers. This photo gallery start with a Macintosh Plus in 1989 and it ends with the laptop I’m typing this with, a MacBook Air.

What was your first computer?

1 thought on “My computers, all of them”

  1. love this post.. I’m a retro junkie.. and this is a fine collection.. My first computer got it around 1986/87 an Atari 600xl con un libro de basic.. soy jibarito de Coamo y la consegui en un trueque por unos gallos de pelea a otro nene que la trajo de USA jajja, no habia internet pero por lo menos cojia los cartriges de atari , 16k de ram, 1.79Mhz.

    After that one and a few years I got my first PC 166Mhz I think it was, in 1998 i had a lot of PCs as I owned a PC retail/repair shop for a few years. I think I got to fix all of your PCs models listed here back in the day..

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