Brand new minimalist open source WordPress theme


This is it. You are looking at the brand new design of this blog. I named the theme elweb3 and its completely open source and licensed under the MIT License.

The main features of this new design are responsiveness and simplicity. It works on virtually any screen size, it’s super easy to read and it loads fast. Nothing fancy, it just works.

You can download the theme from GitHub and submit pull requests if you find something that needs improvement.

Let me know if you like it.

2 thoughts on “Brand new minimalist open source WordPress theme”

  1. I found one bug, that I don’t know if its your fault, from Disqus or from who. But, below everything in this page, in the div titled “Also on ELWEB” I can see 4 posts.
    One of them its called “My computers, all of them” and it has a link to:

    That finally redirects me to a 404 error on:

    Beside this, everything looks great!

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