#BFTW: Foundation

One day training program for aspiring web developers. Learn the core technologies of the web, from an awesome team of experienced web developers. Who should attend? This training is designed for people with very little or no experience in web development. We will introduce you to the foundational technologies of web development: HTML and CSS. […]

Staying up to date

As a web developer / designer, part of my job is to stay up to date with what is happening in the development and design worlds. I read a lot and listen to a bunch of podcasts about the industry. Here’s a list of my favorite resources. I don’t read or visit all these sites every day and […]

Building For The Web

  Hace unos meses hablando con José y Froilan decidimos que en nuestra comunidad hace falta tener un taller sobre tecnologías web modernas. La gran parte de los developers en Puerto Rico están trabajando con las tecnologías de Microsoft y Java que aunque son excelentes no son las herramientas que usualmente se seleccionan para empezar un […]