¿Quieres aprender a programar? Empieza aquí


Con cierta frecuencia amigos, familiares y personas en Twitter y Facebook me preguntan sobre cómo aprender a programar. Algunos me dicen “quiero aprender hacer apps” refiriéndose a las aplicaciones en teléfonos móviles y otros me dicen que quieren hacer un website para su negocio.

Mi respuesta automática es la que creo que muchos otros programadores tienen, enviar unos cuantos enlaces a sites como Codecademy, CodeShool o algún libro online. Lo que nunca he hecho es sentarme y pensar cuidadosamente como fue que yo aprendí y tratar de extraer lecciones de esa experiencia.

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MongoDB.app: The easiest way to get started with MongoDB on the Mac


A few days ago I released my first ever “real” swift app. The app is called MongoDB.app and it’s just a thin wrapper around the official MongoDB binaries that you can download from their site. The app will add a status menu icon which will allow you to start and stop a local MongoDB server visually. All data saved by the server will be stored to ~/Documents/MongoData.

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#BFTW: Foundation

One day training program for aspiring web developers.

Learn the core technologies of the web, from an awesome team of experienced web developers.

Who should attend?
This training is designed for people with very little or no experience in web development. We will introduce you to the foundational technologies of web development: HTML and CSS. There is no age requirement but a basic knowledge of using a computer, creating, editing, deleting files and browsing the web is required.

The lectures will be offered in Spanish and materials will be in English. A lot of the terminology tends to be in English so we expect attendees to have at least some basic English skills.

Tell me more
Below you’ll find a few of the topics we are going to cover on the training. As you can see it’s going to be quite an intense ride so rest well and come ready.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Working with Links, Images and Paragraphs
  • HTML Structure: Using Lists
  • HTML Structure: Tables, Divs and Spans
  • Building your first page
  • Styling HTML Elements
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS Classes and IDs
  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS Element Positioning
  • Styling your first page
  • A little about responsive web design
  • Brief intro to Bootstrap